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Workshops on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

From 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

€ 140 / 2 people

Private workshop for 2 participants

​A 4-people menu is provided
at the end of the course

Choose your menu and book your course

Cook with a real chef for an entire afternoon

Bring home a Thai menu for 4 people


What happens during the course?

Our chef buys the products and provides you with kitchen aprons. For about 3 hours, you cook 3 dishes together with the chef. At the end of the course, each participant brings home a menu for 2 people.

How many people can enroll to the course?

It’s better to work on small groups. Your atelier is private: the amount of 140 Euros corresponds to 2 participants. You’ll be alone with the chef. You can come up with one more friend for just 40 more Euros.

Can we use it as a gift?

Of course. A cooking course is a perfect gift. Our team sends you a gift certificate, then the beneficiary of the gift can contact us to schedule the atelier and choose the menu.




    •    Spring rolls
    •    Nems


    •    Lemongrass soup (Tum yum)

    •    Galangal soup with coconut milk (Tum Kha kay)

Fried rice with vegetables (kao pad)


    •    Fried rice with vegetables (kao pad)

    •    Paad thai chicken

    •    Fried chicken with basil (Kao prao kai)

    •    Chicken with cashew nuts

    •    Chicken with green curry


    •    Mango rose on a bed of rice with coconut milk

    •    Bananas with coconut milk

Book a cooking course

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