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Book a chef at home


Serving meals – from 12 to 25 people

€ 40 / person

2 appetizers / starters + 2 dishes + 1 dessert


€ 45 / person

3 appetizers / starters + 2 dishes + 1 dessert

Personalized quote on demand.
(organic, kosher, halal, vegetarian, etc.)


You choose and book your menu

We handle purchasing, cooking and tidying up

You make the most of your guests


What’s a chef at home ?

It’s very simple. You organize a dinner at your place. A professional head cook comes to prepare this meal for you. You enjoy your evening with your guests, we deal with anything else.

Which is the menu?

You can choose a common menu for you and your guests among the following dishes. If you have any questions or hesitate between two or more options, feel free to ask.

What about the products used?  

A chef at home is a quality guarantee. We want you to be happy: that’s why we choose fresh and high-quality products and we buy them on that same day.

Is it real Thai cuisine?  

There's no doubt about that. Our cuisine is the same you can find in Bangkok or on the Koh Samui beaches. Our commitment: an authentic cuisine of Thailand.

menu chef à domicile



    •    Satay chicken skewers

    •    Satay pork skewers

    •    Spring rolls with shrimps
    •    Spring rolls (Vegan)

    •    Vegetarian Nems

    •    Pork Nems

    •    Shrimps with red curry sauce

    •    Lemongrass vol-au-vent en papillote

Lemongrass vol-au-vent en papillote
Fried rice with vegetables (kao pad)


    •    Spicy papaya salad (Sum Tum)

    •    Chicken salad with Thai spices (Laab Kai)

    •    Pork salad with Thai spices (Laab moo)

    •    Spicy beef salad

    •    Crayfish spicy salad

    •    Lemongrass and shrimp soup

    •    Galangal soup with coconut milk and chicken
       •    Coconut milk and mushroom soup (Vegan)

    •    Fried rice with vegetables (kao pad)

    •    Fried noodles with vegetables

    •    Vegetable wok with Thai basil

    •    Fried rice with chicken (kao pad kai)

    •    Paad thai chicken

    •    Fried chicken with basil (Kao prao kai)

    •    Fried chicken with ginger

    •    Chicken with cashew nuts

    •    Chicken with green curry

    •    Beef wok with  asparagus and crisp vegetables

    •    Beef with red curry and bamboo sprouts

    •    Fried beef with basil

    •    Bass with ginger and crisp vegetables

    •    Caramelized sea bream with tamarind sauce
    •    Sea bream with red curry sauce (panang)

    •    Fried rice with black tiger shrimps
​    •    Fried noodles with vegetables (Vegan)
    •    Vegetables with green curry (Vegan)

Galangal soup with coconut milk and chicken

Organic bananas with coconut milk


    •    Mango and rice with coconut milk

    •    Exotic fruit salad

    •    Organic bananas flambées with rum and green lemon

    •    Organic bananas with coconut milk

    •    Chocolat fondue with fruit skewers

    •    Organic banana spring roll


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Thailand flavour at your place

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